Special Event Liquor License

Do I even need a liquor license?

A license is required the moment you trade liquor for cash. Some people may try to sell you the idea of rather using vouchers or tokens to curb this issue, but it is still regarded as unlawful and subsequently punishable

How long does it take?

Since July 1st, 2017 the regulations dictate that an application must be lodged 39 days prior to your event. This means an application has to be lodged on the 40th day before your event. For small events an application may take a couple days to prepare, but it may take a considerable amount of time to prepare one for a Festival. Prior to lodging with the liquor board you have to send copies to the local Police station and municipality

What if we’re late to lodge?

Late applications will be accepted by the Liquor board if they are accompanied by a motivation for late lodgement, a separate application for the late lodgement as well as a penalty fee of R200 per day you are late.

What documents are required?
  • Event grounds layout indicating all sizes and measurements
  • Liquor consumption areas layouts indicating all sizes and measurements
  • Bar sales areas layouts indicating all sizes and measurements
  • Aerial View Map / Satellite Photo
  • Detailed colour photographs of venue and areas
  • Description of Premises
  • Types of liquor to be sold
  • On Consumption / Off Consumption? Amount of liquor sales points and locations
  • ERF Number and exact address
  • If third party application: Resolution granting proxy permission to lodge application
  • Document motivating support of event
  • Details, ID, Address and motivational support letter of nominated manager
  • Impact of event on the community
  • Grounds permission letter
  • Description of premises making note of the following:
    • Type of structures of grounds
    • Type of structures to be erected
    • Ablution facilities
    • Fresh drinking water
    • Security
    • Safety
  • Will minors be allowed to enter liquor sales area?
    • If yes what preventative measures will be put in place to prevent sales to minors?
  • Provide the names of the following institutions that are closest to the premises and explain how the event will not have a negatively impact on them:
    • Church
    • Educational institution
    • Institution for the aged or frail
    • Drug/alcohol dependency rehabilitation centre
    • Residential Area
  • Proof of event (Promotional Material)
  • PSIRA registered Security firm contract/Agreement
  • SAPS Risk Categorization
  • Event Plan
How much does it cost?

The Western Cape Liquor Board charges R350 for the application and R200 per day of your event.
To prepare the application costs anywhere from R1250 up to R5000, excluding late lodgement applications or additional manager applications. Each event is different; some require less effort than others.

What risks would I run not bothering with a license?

The risk you run for not being in possession of an active liquor license during your event (be it a party, wedding, festival etc) is that your local liquor officer may be aware or may be notified of your event and they could choose to conduct an inspection. Should the inspection reveal the absence of a valid license your event could be shut down immediately; even if it is your wedding. It’s definitely best to go through the proper channels with regards to liquor licenses.

Let’s take care of the process

The entire process may seem extremely daunting, but you may put your mind at ease knowing that Nomad has
excellent relationships with the liquor board members and have applied for and received numerous licenses
for many events ranging from small intimate weddings to massive outdoor festivals and will effortlessly
take the ordeal off your shoulders.

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